Joseph Buerdsell

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T/J Wm. McCoughey
Hq. S.O.S. q.M.
A.P.O. # 871, N.Y.C.
11 July 1943.

Bryant College Service Club
1 Young Orchard Ave.
Rhode Island

Dear Bryant Service Club:

I received your very newsy letter just after returning from a most enjoyable eight day furlough which I spend in the beautiful city of Edinburgh.

Just a year ago this coming week I arrived here in England and I have enjoyed my stay very much, however, naturally I prefer being back in the states.

In your letter you mentioned several boys who were giving there best for their country- one of whom was my buddy through Bryant- Joe Buerdsell – I have contacted his mother as well as a number of his intimate friends. For sometime I had hopes that he may have been picked up but now, I guess, he must be presumed lost.

My work is quite interesting and have been extremely fortunate in being placed here when I look over some of the other fields where I could have been landed.

Paper seems to be running short so must close – hoping to hear from you again.

As ever
Bill [Transcription ends]