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Bryant College T/Sgt William McCaughey
Hope Street Hq. S. O. S. Q.M.
Providence APO # 871 N.Y.C.
Rhode Island 8 Nov. 1943

Dear Bryant Service Club:

Once again I have received a box of sweets which incidentally were extremely popular with the secretaries in our office.

It just doesn’t seem possible that Christmas is almost here. In fact, just a short time ago I was a civilian, but look at me now.

Supposing that your records are up to date would appreciate it if you world send me Al Weisner’s address?

Things are pretty much the same here and have been for seventeen months. The news sounds quite good lately, that we will soon be able to return to our homes with the shadow of war cleared for a while at least.

Must close and hope to hear from you again in regards to what some of my former classmates are doing or have done. Thanking you once more for the Christmas box and hoping that next year it won’t be necessary to send them.

Sincerely, Bill

[Transcription ends]