WWII;William D. McCaughey, Jr.

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M/Sgt. Wm. D. McCaughey, Jr.
Hq. UK Base, QM Section
A.P.O. #413. NYC

The Bryant College Service Club
Bryant College
Hope Street
Providence, Rhode Island

22 February 1945

Hello Bryant:

Just a few lines that I received your package about ten days ago although a little late it was very much appreciated. This delay was in no way your fault as it had the correct APO number only I have had several changes since I last wrote to you. Lots of my mail has been sent to APO #887, Paris, by mistake and then lay-over on that side of the channel is sometimes over a month.

Several weeks ago I was able to contact John Wood who is now recuperating in a hospital here in the UK after having broken a leg "Somewhere in Belgium." He seems to be in good spirits and I hope that he'll be able to get down here to London on leave. Last Monday I called the hospital to see if he was still there and I was transferred to his ward and was able to talk to him personally. He told me that he was hobbling around but that it seemed so good to get out of bed. I had intended to get a forty-eight hour pass and visit him this week as I have it due me but thought that I'd let it lay-over another week or so.

Prior to visiting John I received a letter from Dr. Wilbur with whom I have been writing ever since entering the Army that he had finally arrived in the UK. I immediately answered his letter and planned to meet either in London or at his station. He decided that he would prefer coming to London and seeing the sights. We spent twenty-four hours together and had several photos taken which incidentally didn't come out. He hasn't changed a bit since the days when we were back in Bryant. We planned to get together again but he was "alerted" and then moved across the Channell to France.

It is now 8:00 in the evening, Washington's birthday at that, and I find myself attempting to get caught up on correspondence. It doesn't seem possible that it is my third holiday overseas.

It seems that my job hasn't been one in which there has been a great deal of glamour attached but it has been interesting. Our office has clothed, fed, and furnished PI rations to all the troops in the ETO prior to D-day. Now it is our duty to do the same for the troops that are still here in the UK. Over a period of two years we have seen this whole operation grow into a very complex structure with numerous obstacles that had to be and were overcome. Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing my part and then I realize that someone has to make sure that the me[n] up front are taken care of at all times.

At present I'm sweating out the newly instigated Rotation Plan but I don't suppose that I'll be lucky in the drawing when it takes place. Somehow I prefer remaining here until it is all over and then returning for good.

It looks as though the "V" is appearing so will have to close, thanking you again and wishing you the best throughout the coming year.

Sincerely, Bill
[Transcription ends]