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330th AAF Base Unit (CCTS-MB)
Greenville Army Air Base
Greenville, South Carolina

22 December 1944

Dear Friends,

The Bryant Service Club has done a wonderful job for its men in service and no one can tell you better than I how much we have appreciated it. Your wonderful letters and packages have been very thoughtful. I can’t thank you enough for them.

It is surprising how many G.I.’s I have met here on the Greenville Army Air Base from Bryant College. At present besides myself there are four Bryant people here at GAAB. S/Sgt. Jack Almon is a graduate of the night unit of Bryant, having spent four years there while working in the Cost Dept. of the American Screw Co. Sgt. Atchison, of Blackstone, Mass. is a graduate of Pembroke College and has spent a year in R.I.C.E. and after four months of nights was checked out in typing and shorthand at Bryant. Sgt. Atchison is a WAC and a very efficient one. She works in the Base Classification Office as a Classification Specialist under, believe it or not, Lt. Amelio from Providence who should be a Bryant man if he isn’t. S/Sgt. Williams, sergeant-major of Squadron N spent time in the night school. He is from Edgewood. There is a Cpl. Weisel who went to Bryant but I don’t know whether he was a day student or a night student. I haven’t been able to contact him since he is on furlough as I write this. He works in the Classification Office, too, with Sgt. Atchison. Bryant has much to be proud of.

Do write often. It is wonderful to keep in touch through you with “our boys” and our school. I can hardly wait until the day when I shall return to those friendly halls of Bryant, to the happy, memorable beer parties and card games of Scott House, and most of all just home.

Sincerest friendship,
John J. McGinnes
Corporal, ASN 11111169

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