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Gov't. Island
Alameda, Calif.
20 Sept., 1944

Dear Mr. President,

The reason for my not having kept in closer touch with you is due to the fact that I am at a large embarkcation [sic] center for the South Pacific and have been so busy that I have not been able to keep up on my correspondence.

I have been stationed here at this base for almost a year. When I originally came here it was for duty afloat but they needed the office help so I have been working in the pay office since I arrived. That was until last week when they finally assigned me to a troop transport.

This ship is not to be commissioned until next month but there is always lots of work connected with the commissioning of a new ship. There is a very rigid training schedule that the Navy has adopted for this type of ship due to the fact that there is so many lives involved in it's [sic] safety.

There is a favor I would like to ask of your organization. I wish that you would send me the address of one of my classmates, Warren Allen class of '41. I have been trying to contact him for some months but have had no luck.

Guess there has been quite a few changes since the last time I was there as a member of the faculty has entered the service.

Congratulations on the fine work your organization is doing. I'm sure all the boys appreciate hearing from you and the happenings at the school.

Very truly yours,
Gordon Meiklejohn
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