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14 April 1945

Somewhere in Mariana Isles.

Bryant College Service Club
Dear Sirs:

After reading your recently received Easter Letter I suddenly realized that it was about time for yours truly to drop you all a line again.

My scenery has changed considerably since I last wrote and I have had quite a few exciting experiences. As you can see I am in the Mariana Isles, about 1500 miles from Japan. I am the navigator of B-29 [which makes for long hard work]. At present I have 6 missions to my credit. We have burned and blasted Osaka, Nagaya, Omura and other targets. On my last mission we blasted a chemical factory located about 100 miles north of Tokyo. I had the satisfaction to see our bombs land squarely on our aiming point.

Gosh, this Pacific Ocean is really an immense affair. You really do get tired of looking at all this blue water on these 15 - 17 hr. missions. I think I can be justified in saying that this is a navigators show.

Our living conditions are not exactly as they were states-side but they are constantly improving.

Oh yes--I must mention the Jap situation here. They are still cleaning the Japs out of the jungle. In fact I hear there is still quite a bunch roaming around. You can bet I don't go wandering around this jungle.

That's about all the poop I have at present.

Again many thanks for your letter.

Yours Truly
Harry A. Melkonian
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