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December 25, 1942

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Mr. Jacobs:

Today, thanks to the Bryant Service Club, seemed more like Christmas than I expected it would. The cigarettes which the Club sent to me were delivered this morning, and I wish to thank Bryant College and the Bryant Service Club for them. Working here in the Medical Orderly Room, one seems to smoke more than usual, and has been the case prior to Christmas, I have been out of cigarettes most of the time. Now I feel quite sage for at least a couple weeks.

When I first came into the Army and was put into the Dental Clinic, I began to wonder why I ever spent any time in College studying the business profession. However, I soon brought to light, before the proper parties, the fact that I know something about Accounting, and above all, Typing. The very next day I was put to work for the Unit Supply, accounting for clothing and equipment, and doing all the typing for this department. Believe me, Mr. Jacobs, it is my advice to any young fellow in your school that may be taking typewriting, and is just waiting his time to be drafted, to really do his best in this subject, as there is a big opening in the Army Posts throughout the country for men who can type accurately and with some speed. When I came into this outfit, there were over two hundred men, and there were exactly FOUR of us that had any knowledge at all of typewriting. This is a typical example of most of the camps according to the officers that I have spoken to.

I hope that I will hear from the College more often in the form of the College paper, as I am always interested in the doings up there, even if I cannot get to them.

Sincerely yours,
(signed) P.F.C. Charles J. Memmott, Junior

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