Thomas W. Moran


World War II;Thomas W. Moran;Camp Shelby;85th Q. M. Co.

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85th Q. M. Co.
Camp Shelby, Miss.
February 2, 1943

To Whom It May Concern:

I received the enclosed letter today in the mail. I am sorry to have received this letter because I did acknowledge receipt in a card of thanks for the two packages of nice candy which I received several days before Christmas. No doubt my letter to you was lost in the Christmas mail. However, I wish to thank your fine club anew for your thoughtfulness of us boys in the various services of our country, and may I assure you of my appreciation. Please be informed that the name and address on your letter was my old civilian address, and not my father’s address, which is:

Mr. T. H. Moran
Jericho, Vermont

That is the reason this letter has been forwarded to me.

I saw Mr. Richards while on my furlough in January and told him that I had received the package from the club.

Yours sincerely,
Thomas W. Moran
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