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(Somewhere in England)
Hq. W. B. S. Engrs.
A. P. O. 515
c/o PM N. Y. C.
1 April 44.

Bryant Service Club,

Thanks for the letter of Xmas announcements. It arrived rather round about.

For the information of my friends at Bryant I am a 1st Lt. in the Engineers. I would like to hear more from the Class of '36. They don't seem to be making headlines. Maybe it is because they're all married (except me).

I always do enjoy reading the Alumni Bulletin and look forward to receiving it this year even if I am overseas. In fact we enjoy news from home more now.

From your letter you must have sent a Christmas package to me at my Camp Claiborne address. Your thoughts are certainly appreciated but it hasn't arrived yet.

If George Richards, my friend, is still there, give him my regards and tell him that the fishing should be good up in Vermont this Spring because I hear the farmers have all gone to the Connecticut Valley to work in war plants. Ha!

Thanks again for your thoughtful letters and keep up the good spirit until we get back which I hope will be soon.

All the best,
Tom Moran
Class of '36

P. S. You might be interested to know that I met my brother "Ken," Class of '38, in London two weeks ago this morning at 5 a. m. Hadn't seen him in 1 1/2 yr. He is also a 1st Lt. and is stationed in N. Ireland. He has a son born 25 Feb and "Ken" is one proud "old man." What a small world. I spent a couple of days with him.

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