WWII;Bernard C. Mullen, Jr.

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16 Jan.,'45 Italy

Bryant Service Club

Your Christmas candy arrived a week before Christmas and has long since been put away--thanks a million for sending the box--it arrived in perfect condition.

Also arrived, today, was your two paged letter full of interesting news--sorta made me feel a bit homesick.

Spent a couple of months in France this fall--it was the nearest to home yet--people met us with open arms--welecomed our men to their homes--broke open bottles that had been saved a long time for the occasion.

Please correct my address:
Major Bernard C. Mullen, Jr.
A.P.O. 650, N.Y.C.
79 Fighter Group, 85 Fighter Sqdn.

Our Christmas was the best of our 3 in foreign service--new years was especially good.

Bernard C. Mullen, Jr.
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