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Alfred H. Murphy SK1c
c/o Fleet Post Office
New York, N. Y.
May 17, 1944


Ahoy there, Bryant Service Club:

A little late to say Easter Greetings, but due to the war, all the holidays have been delayed a bit, to confuse the enemy. So; here I am, returning your most welcome letter, and also a shipload of thanks for the cigarettes. They arrived, and believe it or not, there were no bullet holes in them!

Is it really true that there are more co-eds at Bryant these days? Well, now that is really a nice meaty bit of news - - something to ponder over. Guess the fellows will really have to go some, to overcome the “edge” the women-folk have over them in the shape of more “book-larnin’ [sic], while the boys are out increasing their physiques. But then, the gals always have a soft spot in their hearts for uniforms (I hope.).

As you can see, I am not exactly at home, right now- - I might even be allowed to say that I’m not even in the States. However, am still afloat and all in one piece, which is rather a pleasure, these days. I have seen many places in passing, stopped in not a few of them, and raised heck in some of them. But I would be cheerfully willing to exchange them all for any place back home. Not that I’m lonesome, but I have come to realize the value of many things formerly thought of as being commonplace- - even an American institution, the dizzy blonde!

I would like to thank all the girls who contribute their time and energy to type the letters such as the one I received at Easter- - they are really helping the war effort in this manner, as mail becomes increasingly important the further from the States one travels.

My rating is that of Storekeeper, 1st class, and my work is done in the Disbursing Office on board. I must confess that half of the time I hold on with one hand and do what I can with the other, but there is one thankful lack- - there is no telephone to keep answering all day. The only “line” we have to keep open is the nearest exit to the rail, in case the sea gets too rough.

About time I turned this typewriter to Government uses, so I’ll be saying,

So long for the duration,

Alfred H. Murphy

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