Americo L. Novo

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3202 SCSU AST 4
University of New York
Washington Square
N.Y. 3, N.Y.

Dear Fellow Classmates,

May I express my unlimited thanks for the letter and package I relieved form the Bryant Service Club recently. It arrived in very good condition even though it traveled completely across the country to my old organization and was sent back to me at my station here in New York.

I am now taking a course here at N.Y. U. under the Army Specialist Training Program.

Was very glad to get news about Bryant and the alumni in the service.

Incidentally how is Phi Sigma Nu carrying on? Hope the new members carry on the good work done by those frat brothers who graduated before me and that which my own classmates did, themselves.

Can’t imagine Scott House as a girls “dorm”. Guess Bryant just isn’t the same.

I have received mail from several Bryant alumni recently they all share one plan- that is for a gala Bryant reunion when we all get back. Let’s hope it’s real, real soon.

Thanks again for the Xmas package and here’s hoping I hear from you again soon.

P.F.C. Americo L. Novo

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