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May 11th


Easter Greetings arrived a little late but we can always figure that next years wishes arrived a little early. At any rate they are always welcome and it's nice to know that you haven't been forgotten. Incidently [sic] you may change my address to conform with the one appearing on the envelope. We have had several APO addresses since 986 which has in a great measure made the Aleutians more tolerable. Shakespeare found variety the spice of life and in the army it's especially true. A new location means a new attitude and thank heavens we've had our share of moves.

The girls have certainly taken over at Bryant haven't they. I think, perhaps, many of us are lucky to be in the army. I'm not serious girls, don't worry.

Censorship regulations prohibit telling much about things in this theatre but there is little to say that can't be read in the papers. We all wish we could do more faster so that it will be over with sooner but like the good doctor we are acquiring more and more patience.

When you write again try to mention some of the gang from back in '35 and '36 and if any of your mail includes 726 be sure to let me know.

Thanks again for the remembrance and give my kindest to any of the faculty who may remember me.--If any of the old gang is there I'm sure they'll recall some of my innocent pranks.

Aaron Nussman
54th Fighter Sqd.
APO 726 c/o PM
Seattle, Washington
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