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New Orleans, La.
November 4, 1943

Placement Director
Bryant College
Providence, R. I.

Dear Mr. Ripley,

I have been in the Army now for a few days short of four months, and as is typical of soldiers have been pretty busy.

I have been wondering if the Bryant Placement Bureau acts for soldiers & men in the Armed Forces as it did for the same men in civilian life. You see I have the desire not to let my accounting training acquired at Bryant slip away if I can help it. I have been trying to find a place where I could use it in the Army but have heard of no such place until just recently, when I found out that the Finance Dept. of the Army has a Purchase Division that is at present handling auditing of war contract termination. Since I am through with Basic Training I feel I could fit into the Purchases Division training at Duke U. in regard to Contract Termination.

Could you assist me in any way to get information or a transfer to this school at Duke for training an auditor for the Army[?] Needless to say I would certainly enjoy the opportunity to make Bryant proud of its graduates, altho I don’t see how they could not be—it has a wonderful record to date I hear.

Yours Truly
Pvt. Gardner Oakes
Class ’41 A+F. Div.
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