Meyer Ostrovsky

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Pfc. M. Ostrovsky, 31270449
1097 A.M.Co. Serv Gp.
A.P.O. 635 C/O Postmaster
New York, N.Y.
July 31, 1943

Bryant College
Service Club
Providence, R.I.

Dear Folks:

In as much as I really do not know you personally it seems that this is a correct salutation. This is the new address and if you send any more mail, please note and have it on file.

In your list of Servicemen sent to me, I noticed Harry Yoken listed. We both live in the same city and have known one another a long time. He graduated days in 1933, I did evenings 1935. I can tell you that this is written from somewhere in England.

Out here pleasure cars are out, young and old drive bicycles. Everything is rationed, yet these people after such a long time of war are smiling. The money system is different and it takes just a little time to get accustomed to it. Personally, I think our American system is much superior to the English currency.

The houses are built on a different scale here also. They are made of brick or concrete, wood is a very scarce article.

Expressions are different, and the English accent is much different.

Being a newcomer here this is just from observations I have made.

Yours fraternally
Meyer Ostrovsky

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