Meyer Ostrovsky

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Pfc. M. Ostrovsky
448 Sub Depot
APO 557-c/o P.M.
22 Dec. 1944

Bryant College
Service Club
Providence, R.I.

Hello Folks:

It was a very pleasant surprise for me when your package arrived. It was also the first of many and thanks very much again. Unfortunately, censorship is such that one has difficulty writing any thing that might be very interesting. I have been able to visit my brother about six times since being stationed in England. The places we me are Manchester, Leicester; and Bedford.

Also, have met one of my cousins at Oxford, Leicester, and Birmingham. It is a wonderful feeling seeing someone that is close, and all discomforts are forgotten with the pleasure of being together even for a very short time.

Traveling is slow due to war time conditions. How do you people find travelling?

Bikes are very common in most places. London is one of the exceptions. The underground (subway) is very good in London. It is even better than New York’s- believe it or not.

Good luck to all of you.

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