WWII;Edward W. Pagliarini;Normandy;William A. Lambert;George A. Pastore, Jr.;Robert Bernstein;Tommy Dunn;John Renza

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126th Finance Disbursing Section
Com. Z, ETO, APO 562 c/o PM
New York, N. Y.

Normandy France
2 February/45

Bryant College
Hope & Benevolent St.
Providence, R. I.

Bryant Service Club:

I wish to extend my utmost appreciation and grattitude [sic] for the sweater received from the Bryant Service Club. In addition, I must say that the total contributions and effort that make such and organization possible, will never be forgotton [sic].

It has been a long time since I last received work, so I might reveal a few of the previous acquaintances with other Bryant attendants. for some time I had been stationed with "Bill" Lambert, faculty of '43, and George Pastore, class of '43, while on temporary duty at the Office Of Dependency Benefits, Newark, New Jersey. In addition, met Tommy Dunne and Bob Bernstein, class of '42, at Army Finance School, Wake Forest College, North Carolina, who were given Air Corps assignments. Later, at Ft. Harrison, Indiana, a number of Foreign Disbursing Sections were activated and we were separated and assigned to these various units.

Bill Lambert, John Renza, and George Pastore are supposedly still in England. It has been some time since I last heard from them, due to the fact that they move so often.

It seems that we wasted no time after arrival here--commenced disbursing merely a short period after hitting the beach, in attempt to sustain the motto of Finance, "Get 'em Paid." Our organization consisting of 17 enlisted men and three officers, disbursing to several thousand troops in this sector.

In closing, once again, I wish to thank you all for you[r] interest and consideration to the Bryant Service Club--an organization that has more than reached its goal.

Edward W. Pagliarini
Edward W. Pagliarini
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