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Bryant Literary Review

ISSN 1526-9426

The Bryant Literary Review is an international journal of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction housed in the History, Literature, and the Arts Department at Bryant University in Smithfield, RI. Since our first issue in 2000, we have published original and thought-provoking creative work from a wide array of established authors and emerging voices. We see our purpose to be the cultivation of an active and growing connection between the Bryant University campus community and the larger literary culture.

Bryant University Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

ISSN 2694-0280

The Bryant University Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies aims to promote undergraduate scholarly work that builds bridges between various disciplines to engage with problems that no single discipline can effectively address. The journal encourages individual submissions in various forms like case-studies, scholarly research, critical reviews, original works of creative writing, visual art, and mixed-media productions. The highest objective of the Journal is that its student contributors find themselves in scholastic and creative collaboration with one another. In 2024, the name of the journal was changed to the Bryant University Undergraduate Journal to emphasis the undergraduate student work as the focus of the journal.

Empirical Economic Bulletin, An Undergraduate Journal

ISSN 2831-4182

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

Research and Innovation Village

The Virtual Summer Research Village is a program designed to promote and support undergraduate research and innovation. The Virtual Summer Research Village will help students to develop skills and a portfolio that enhances their resumes and demonstrates expertise that can be applied to their careers and academic interests.

This is the moment to harness the intellectual power of Bryant students and faculty. We can expand the possibilities for talented students, creating meaningful learning experiences, new career possibilities, and options for graduate study.