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Sunday, April 23, 1944
Pvt. Ray E. Piette 11,111,313
Hdq. Co. 47th Th. Bn.
A.P.O. #446 14th A.D.
Camp Campbell, Ky.
U. S. Army

Dear Bryant Service Club:-

I was most happy and pleased to have received from you a nice Easter package and a letter of news from some of the fellows I once knew.

It’s been a long time that most of us have left the “Portals of Knowledge” to do our share. Some, as myself, are most fortunate to be still in the States, and others less fortunate to have gone across. But, in our feelings of reserve, we too are anxious to avenge the “dirty” blow on us by our enemies, and we feel it won’t be very long.

My buddies of the “Unholy Five” are pretty well scattered. Cpl. Frank Zorra is in England with the Finance Corps. Sgt. Wm. Bento is a gunner in the B-27 and is across also. Pfc. Bernard Vezina is still stationed at Maxton Field, N.C. Pvt. Mario Rogue, who also was separated from the A. S. T. P. is now in connections with the Medical Corps at Camp Pickett, Va. These are the only ones I know about.

Keep up the good work that you are doing for us boys in service. A hearty hello to everyone.

Ray E. Piette

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