Paul B. Plumb


World War II

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May 17, 1942

Dear Bryant Faithfuls:

What a swell club you have, and so well organized too. It certainly was a grand surprise to receive the cigarettes. You may be interested in knowing that Chesterfields are by far the favorites here at Camp Lee, that soldiers smoke about a package a day (because our days are so long--from 5:30 A.M. to 11 P.M.), and that cigarettes are the most welcome gifts to receive since we earn only 70 cents a day and cigarettes cost 12 cents. That means our average soldier would spent 17% of his income on cigarettes--if my training under Mr. Naylor has been absorbed--if it were not for friends like you.

How are things going up on the campus? I suppose you have fewer men around now that the [ ? ] men are with Uncle Sam or else getting ready to help him spend his money! Bryant men always have been good men--just ask our general. We have about half a dozen Bryant grads here all the time. By the way, if there is a shortage of us handsome males at B.C. what are you girls going to do on Sadie Hawkins day?

I’ve been in the army since April 10th, only 5 short weeks, but time enough to change me from an accountant into a medical soldier with an MD after my name (MD for Medical Department). Although I wanted to get in the Quartermaster Corps I’m not disappointed because I was fortunate enough to get into clerk school here and can look forward to office work after I leave here. (Bryant deserves a plug here because it was my typing and degree which gave me the break.) Al Wiesner, Bryant ‘40, was in clerk school, received very high marks, and now is a clerk attached to an air base. Soft job but he earned it. We are having final exams in school now and so I may be following him in a few weeks. Must close now to study for an exam tomorrow in Supplies (stock records, etc., just what Mr. Gulski and Mr. Shors taught us). Easy stuff. Regards to all.


Paul Plumb [Transcription ends]