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World War II;Paul B. Plumb

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3980 QM Truck Company
Camp Gordon, Ga.

October 14, 1944

Bryant Service Club,
Bryant College,
Providence, R I

Dear friends:

It’s been ages since I last wrote, I know, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you have dropped me from your list. Like all Bryant men and in service I’ve been quite busy and have found it hard enough to keep writing home, so I’ve slighted you quite unintentionally I assure you. I’ve missed hearing from you and receiving the alumni news. From the Providence papers and my family I’ve heard of Gene Schmidt’s marriage a few months ago. He’s here in Georgia at Camp Stewart, too far away for me to visit him. I’m still in close contact with 2 of my other Bryant buddies, Erle was in RI last I heard, stationed for a few weeks at Ft. Adams and soon to go to Langley Field, Va. Al is in Ga. at Robins Field, also too far away for us to get together. Al the last bachelor of our old Bryant crew.

Not long ago, September 23d to be exact, I lost my bachelor standing and became married to Shirley Brown of Worcester and Middleboro, Mass. The knot was tied in Worcester. She’s Pembroke, BA ’40 and Boston University, MA ’42. In spite of housing problems, rationing, and what-have-you, we’re maintaining a very happy little love-nest ‘way down here in Augusta, Ga. After the war we expect to settle down in Denver, Colo., where I shall probably work with Haskins & Sells in whose Providence office I had my pre-war job.

There is little news concerning my army career. I’ve been a 2nd lieutenant for about a year and a half during which time I have pretty well covered the west and south. Have had all kinds of duties except accounting work. Now I am in a truck outfit – our job is to maintain 48 trucks and haul equipment, supplies, and personnel. Expect to take a boat ride soon unless I get transferred to accounting work in the air corps.

“That’s all there is; there ain’t any more” – to quote a favorite expression. I would appreciate hearing from you and learning the news about our alumni and doings on the campus.

Yours sincerely, PB Plumb
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