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April 4, 1943

Dear Bryant club-members:

Many thanks to you for the cigarettes and letter. They came at a time when they were most appreciated, since I was having a rest as a patient in the hospital when they arrived. All’s well here now, and I’m rapidly getting back in shape.

Since a few months passed from the time we last corresponded with each other there have been a few changes in my status. The Army gave me a Christmas present of a promotion and furlough, so I spent a happy Christmas season in good old New England, Connecticut and R. I. to be exact. Then a month later I came to OCS at Camp Lee in the Quartermaster Corps for a 13 week course. All was well for 6 weeks, and then came my first bad luck in 11 months in the service. I got sick and spent 2 weeks in the hospital—not so bad compared to what some of the boys have had. Now I’m back in school working for the gold bars again. Hope to graduate on May 14th and may be able to visit you shortly thereafter.

I’ve heard no news from other Bryant men so I’m unable to give any more news. I’d be glad to hear about them through you.

Sincerely yours,
Paul B. Plumb
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