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3004th G. M. Bakery Co.
Ft. F. E. Warren, Wyo.

9 December 1943

Dear Bryant friends:

I was really glad to hear from you again today and receive the cigarettes. Thanks loads for the gift and for remembering me. If you’ll get me a leave or make the war end soon so I can come home, I’ll convey my thanks personally.

I guess I haven’t written to you in a couple of months. Hope you will forgive a busy little shavetail. Almost 2 months ago I was sent here to Wyoming to help activate a new company, a bakery company of all things!! In spite of the type of company I did manage to land most of the administrative work (or should I say it was dumped in my lap) mostly as a result of my Bryant, civilian and enlisted training. It has kept me working an average of 72 hours weekly with the worst still to come. In 4 days this week I’ve put in over 60 hours, so you see I can’t write often but nevertheless appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Yours sincerely,
Paul B. Plumb
[Transcription ends]