Paul B. Plumb

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3679 Q M Truck Co.
Ft. Jackson, S. C.
17 December 1944

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R.I.

Dear friends:

Many thanks to you for the Christmas package of candy which arrived a few days ago. Besides being an appetizing looking treat- we haven’t opened it yet- it’s a darn swell remembrance of the good days when we were all together at Bryant.

Incidentally, there are two people thanking you for the gift this year instead of the usual one of past years. My wife is with me enjoying the things I enjoy! The marital know was tied last Sept. 23d, so you see we are still newlyweds.

Things seem to be quite stable and quiet with me in the army. We’re still touring Georgia and South and North Carolina in our army trucks. Expect to shove off soon for France (I, hope, but of course don’t know.) We soon will rise from 2 ½ ton trucks to 10 ton trucks, mighty machines of the highway. Just picture the supply situation in Germany and France where there are 4800 to 5000 trucks like ours to each army, and my platoon of 16 trucks could just about carry all the supplies of Bryant.

Many thanks again, and best wishes for a happy holiday season and new year.

Yours sincerely,
Paul B. Plumb

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