Joseph T. Rapa

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Pvt. Joseph T. Rapa
General Hospital
FPO 54 c/o P.M. N.Y. N.Y.

Miss Clara Blaney
Bryant College
Providence, R.I.

12 January 1945

Dear Miss Blaney-

Your beautiful card and note came today, and a better surprise could never have been expected at such a time. We are awfully busy- we work night and day – our wounded come to our hospital in shreds, the fruits of bloody war bring them to us, and when they leave the are well happy and healthy men. Our part in this war may seem but a small one but we are trying to the best of our ability- we have been given a job and we are over here doing it. Here you see medical advancement and actual miracles before your very eyes, men with but a faint glow of life, and by being nursed and properly taken care of- are almost reborn. Surgery is making silent history here, no news of our work in the papers, yet we are trying – we are doing a job. Good health to you always god bless you and lets hope you will be at Bryant + welcome all her boys back when this mess is over.

Joe Rapa

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