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First Asian Fossil Record of Platydictya (Amblystegiaceae) from the Lower Miocene and its Paleoenvironmental Significance
Liyan Guo, Liang Xiao, Ya Li, Xiangchuan Li, Qin Leng, Nan Sun, Junfeng Guo, Chaofeng Fu, and Deshuang Ji


Getting an A with the 3Cs: Chromosome Conformation Capture for Undergraduates
Acadia Joniec, Joseph Leszczynski, Sokhna Ndoye, Jillian Sylvia, and Steven Weicksel


Innovation Nation: Teaching Middle School Students to be Design Thinkers
Allison Butler, Heather P. Lacey, Michael A. Roberto, Deborah Hanney, and Nina Luiggi


COO2 Bhanga Munda Data
Asli ascioglu and Padma Kadiyala

*Updated as of 10/03/23.