Research and Engagement Day (REDay) is a day-long symposium that serves as a showcase for the scholarship, creativity, and innovation of the Bryant University community. REDay is designed to promote research literacy and more widespread collaboration in research and creative endeavors among our students and our faculty and/or staff. REDay is an opportunity (a) to illustrate for our students the nature and importance of research and creativity, (b) to showcase the wide scope of exciting projects and innovative academic accomplishments being actively pursued by members of our community, and (c) to either reaffirm or ignite students’ interest in and involvement with research and creative endeavors. To that end, faculty, staff, and students are invited to submit papers, programs, posters, and workshops that present scholarly research, creative products/presentations, and industry/community partner collaborations. Presentations that unpack key aspects of the process of generating research and creative work, demonstrate the obvious – and not so obvious -- ways in which research and creativity impact our daily lives, and/or explore how international education experiences, community service projects, internships, and other forms of experiential education are informed by research and creative expression are also encouraged.

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