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1931 Robeson Street
Fall River, Mass.
November 28, 1942

Bryant College
1 Young Orchard Ave.
Providence, R. I.


Last week, I received my Bryant Alumni Bulletin and enjoyed reading it very much. There certainly are many Bryant men now serving their country. I now that it is hard to keep up with their latest addresses and therefore, I am sending three new addresses so that you will be up-to-date on them. They are as follows:

Lt. Walter V. Crawley
Btry A, 244th C. A.
A. P. O. 860
% Postmaster
New York, New York

Lt. Wesley C. Crawley
A. S. N. 01634643
Co. A., 561st. Sig. A. W. Bn. (sep)
A. P. O. 637
% Postmaster
New York, New York

Pvt. C. Leonard Crawley
3rd Com. Sq.
Foster Field, Texas

As you will note, two of these boys are already overseas and the third expects to go very soon.

It may also be of interest to you to note that Lt. Wesley C. ['36] Crawley was married in August to Miss Lillian Borden of Fall River.

I think the Service Club at Bryant is doing a fine job. The boys enjoy and appreciate all that is done for them. I have heard several stories of just what the Club has done and the reaction of the boys tells the story. Keep it up.

To keep you up to date on my affairs, I am now private secretary to Dr. Hebert E. Harris. For the past five years I have worked in the Truesdale Hospital and in the Rhode Island Hospital and received my medical experience the hard way. How I wished that there had been a Medical Course at Bryant in 1937. It certainly would have helped me a great deal if I had taken such a course and had a knowledge of medical terms and how to write them in shorthand. I grew to like medical work very much and my big ambition was to obtain a position in a doctor's office which I have now achieved.

My present success I owe to the teachers at Bryant College for the excellent training which I received there. While I though[t] they were "tough" at times in piling on so much homework, I realize now that it is because of this that I am able to hold my present position.

Dorothy L. Reed
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