John S. Renza


World War II;United States Army


[Transcription begins]

Tues., June 15, 1943

Dear Miss Blaney,

I finally got around to answer your letter.

At the present time, I am a very busy man in our Uncle’s Army.

During the day I am working at Battalion Headquarters office and at night, I’m teaching a group of illiterates. So you see, I have very little time to myself.

It is really a site [sic], Miss Blaney, to see so many soldiers who can’t either read or write. You would never think that such a condition existed in this land of ours which has equal opportunities for all.

Before I go any further, I want to thank you personally for that nice box of “goodies.” That was really nice of you.

I was awfully glad to hear from you that Ben Scuda has been found. I bet that brought much happiness to his family. He must have a lot of interesting stories to tell.

I really haven’t much to say as to my activities as a soldier. All I do is clerical work and teach illiterates. As far as being a soldier, I’m one just in uniform.

How is the Bryant Ledger working out? I bet those girls are doing just as well a job as the fellows have in the post or even better.

Is Mr. Mercier still free from Uncle Sam?

How are all the other teachers, Miss Hines, Miss Collins, etc.? I should like to write to them individually, but time doesn’t permit. Someday I shall surprise them with a letter.

I’m sorry I have to write such a short letter, but I must get back to work.

Give everyone at school my regards and in closing, thanks a lot for that package.

John [Transcription ends]