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Allan Hall



Townhouse C was named for John Logan Allan, a Bryant graduate and a Bryant employee from 1919-1956. He served as a faculty member, bursar, executive secretary, assistant treasurer, vice president and trustee. Allan died on June 19, 1956 in a fire at his home at 289 Wayland Avenue while trying to rescue his 17 year old daughter. Born in Warren Maine in March 23, 1900, Allan came to Providence in 1912 and graduated from Bryant with a degree in accounting in 1919.

Bryant's original Allan Hall was located at 4 Young Orchard Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island. This 19,312 sq. ft. building was built in 1905. Bryant used this building as a women's dormitory consisting of 25 rooms housing 52 students in addition to a house director in a one room apartment. Allan Hall was originally named Gardner Hall. The name was changed from Gardner Hall to Allan Hall. Allan Hall was demolished by Brown University in 1973 to make way for a new dorm.

A new Gardner Hall was built in 1960.

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Allan Hall