Berberian Hall (Residence Halls 5 & 6)


Berberian Hall (Residence Halls 5 & 6)





Residence Halls 5 & 6 are named after Artacky Berberian, 1909, 1973H and his wife Elese (Karakashian) Berberian. Berberian Hall was dedicated October 15, 1977.

Berberian was born in Constantinople, Turkey and is believed to be the first student of Armenian parentage to attend Classical High School in Providence, RI ... and was probably the first Armenian student to enroll at Bryant. A devoted Bryant graduate, Berberian was very active in the Bryant Alumni Association. In 1926, he hired a Bryant graduate to be his bookkeeper, truck driver and delivery man - this former employee was Nelson J. Gulski, who later became a Bryant faculty member and acting president of the college. At the time of his honorary degree Berberian was the liaison to Bryant's "Old Guard" (Bryant graduates who have been out of the college 50 years or more).

He was the president and founder of the Manufacturer's Supply Company, Providence. Former organizational activities included:

  • Grand Legislative Committee Chairman of the United Commercial Travelers of America
  • Member of the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks Lodge No. 14
  • Director of the Manufacturing Jewelers Sales Association
  • Member of the Building Committee of St. Vartanantz Armenian Apostolic Church
  • Violinist in the Providence Philharmonic Orchestra

Berberian was also an active member of Rotary International and was honored as Rotarian of the year by the Miami Beach Rotary Club in April, 1973. Mr. Berberbian died in 1985 at the age of 92.

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Berberian Hall (Residence Halls 5 & 6)