Ivez E. Rievman


World War II;Inez Rievman

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January 5, 1945

Dear Miss Blaney,

I want to thank you and the Bryant Service Club for your thoughtfulness in sending me that lovely box. I received it today and it made me feel very ashamed of my negligence in not writing to you sooner. The only excuse I have to offer is that I kept meaning to write and somehow I just never got around to it--and that’s more of a condemnation than an excuse. However, I promise to do better in the future.

The Navy life is wonderful. I like it better every day. I would certainly advise any girl to join. For the first time since the war started I feel as though I’m useful.

So far Eila L. and I have been very lucky. Every place we’ve been we’ve been together. We can’t get over our luck.

Washington is quite a place. I’ve only been here two weeks and already I think it would be very aptly named, “The City of Confusion.” I believe anything I hear about this place. It’s interesting though and I love it.

I’m working for the Navy Relief Society. It’s very interesting, but rather depressing. I’ve always known that this war is bringing tragedy to many people, but I never before realized how much tragedy there is.

I hope to get a pass soon that will be long enough to permit a visit to Bryant, the old Alma Mater. So perhaps I’ll be seeing you all again soon.

Regards to everyone. May I wish all you folks at Bryant a very happy New Year and may 1945 bring Victory and Peace.

Ivez Rievman [Transcription ends]