WWII;Leo J. Ringuette

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To the Bryant Service Club;

My heartiest thanks to you all for sending me the packages and news about Bryant.

I’m sorry I didn’t get to write sooner but I kept trying to answer and things happened that forced me to postpone it for awhile. As you can see I have been transferred to an Army Specialized Training Unit. I am studying to be a G. I. Engineer here at A. & M.

Our course takes in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or any kind of engineering that the army needs just now.

I am taking up Mechanical Engineering and the subjects required are Trigonometry, Algebra, Chemistry, Physics, English, and History.

The course is broken up into Basic I, Basic II and Advance. After completing this course we are sent to more advanced training or to an Officers Candidate School. It is a very good program and it will be useful to us during the war and after.

Of course I still intend to finish where I left off at Bryant. I want to be what I set out for—being an accountant.

Again I want to thank the Service Club for its work. It is really appreciated by those in the service and we are proud to say it. Well you’ll have to excuse me for cutting it off short but this is all the time I have for now so till next time—keep up the good work.

Leo Ringuette ‘43
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