Research and Innovation Village

Volume 1, Issue 1 (2020) Summer

The Virtual Summer Research Village is a program designed to promote and support undergraduate research and innovation. The Virtual Summer Research Village will help students to develop skills and a portfolio that enhances their resumes and demonstrates expertise that can be applied to their careers and academic interests.

This is the moment to harness the intellectual power of Bryant students and faculty. We can expand the possibilities for talented students, creating meaningful learning experiences, new career possibilities, and options for graduate study.

Lesson Plan



Technology in Finance
Bryan Herlihy


Program Co-Chairs
Peter Nigro, Bryant University
Michael Roberto, Bryant University
Edi Tebaldi, Bryant University
Student Contributors
Ariana Bar
Kristen Capobianco
Bryan Herlihy
Jared Wu
Additional Information
Cover Art by Anqi, Bryant University
Faculty Mentors
Asli Ascioglu
Laura Beaudin
Dennis Bline
Stefanie Boyer
Diya Das
Erim Ergene
William Graves III
Terri Hasseler
Jennifer Horan
A. Can Inci
Crystal Jiang
David Ketchum
Kacy Kim
Eileen Kwesiga
Gaitha Langlois
Suhong Li
Kevin Maloney
Robert Massoud
Judy McDonnell
Chris R. Morse
Son Nguyen
Peter Nigro
Kathryn Ostermeier
Chris Ratcliffez
Michael Roberto
Saeed Roohani
Yasamin Salmani
Jacqueline Saslawski
Edinaldo Tebaldi
John Visich
Julie Volkman