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June 11, 1942

My Dear Miss Blaney,

You can’t imagine the thrill I got when I came in from a hard day’s work to find that lovely package upon my bunk. I wish to thank you not only for your thoughtfulness but also for your patience and ingenuity in caring for us boys in the service.

When speaking of you I also speak of the entire service club. I realize the effort that is put into this organization by all. I hadn’t realized how much a dime or a little extra effort on the part of each individual could do for so many until I actually received the fruit of the tree I once helped to produce.

I’m doing fine here at school & am trying to uphold the Bryant honor. All of us boys from Bryant have been accepted for the college program. All we have to do now is pass the aptitude test & we’re in. I think it quite an honor.

As ever,
Mario Roque
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