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7 May 44

Hello Bryant members:--

It has been so wonderful hearing from you again and knowing all the while that we still live fresh in your minds. I'm sure that my buddies whether here or abroad share these same thoughts. More so we share our thanks to you for your splendid gifts to us at Easter time. I did receive the cookies and they were really delicious; if you don't believe me, just ask they [sic] boys who shared them with me. We finished them off here at the dispensary in no time at all. Once more I thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

It sure is wonderful to here [sic] the news of the boys we once knew and will know again--some of them if not all. Of course, I realize that all news is not good news and some of it hit me pretty hard. When you know such fellows as Pasco Sennercia [sic] the way I did, and then hear that they have passed away--well, it just isn't so easy to take. It's hard to believe that men like Mr. Lambert* and Mr. Ripley have left the employ of the school. After all, you know, they were "one of the boys" and like one of the boys we hate to see or hear of them leaving too.

As you can see I have changed address again; this time I make my home with the engineers here at Camp Pickett, Va. Yes, I'm right back where I started from--Virginia. I'm only atached tot his 1260th Engineering Combat Battalion through the Medical Detachment. I am the authorized driver for the M.D. attached hereto. Besides driving I keep myself busy with additional duties such as typing and administering first-aid. The job isn't particularly hard to take but it is rather tedious at times. It has kept me from taking basic training all over again and that I like. I've been through Infantry and QM basic for thirteen weeks apiece and that, I believe, is enough for one war.

I really haven't much more to say for my words for obvious reasons must be limited in scope. That, I think, you know for yourself. Thank you, fellow members, for all you've done; I hope you shall be able to carry on your work as ably in the future as you have been in the past. I've got a post-war date with Bryant after this war. I still have six months work to do before I am entitled to a degree; besides, six months will be a wonderful vacation for me after this war. After going through six months of engineering at Penn State, accounting will seem like a dream--I hope.

Mario Roque

[Handwritten by a BSC member]:
*Has not left the College.
Is on leave of absense [sic].
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