WWII;Herbert Roiff

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Pvt H Roiff 31384304
Co E 2675th Reg
Allied Control Commiss.
APO 394
c/o Postmaster NY NY
9 January 1944

Bryant Service Club
1 Young Orchard Ave.
Rhode Island

N. Africa

Hello everyone,

I was very glad to hear from you and get some of the school news. I am over here in N. Africa and all news here is good news. I am working in my company headquarters as a clerk-typist until we move out and do some actual work. I have been travelling [sic] all over a good part of the country here. having been in the large cities of Casablanca and Algeria, I would really appreciate the smallest town in the USA. [government censored] oranges, tangerines, dates, and figs. There is an abundance [government censored]. After seeing all the small and large towns, you say to yourself that there's no place like home (and I think anywhere in the USA could be called home, compared the [sic] this place). Most of the towns as well as the people (who are mostly Arabs) [government censored] the [government censored] and [government censored] you could possibly imagine. The children constantly ask for bon bons, chewing gum, bisquits, bread, and last but not least, money. they seem to be natural beggars. Everything is, however, very interesting and I guess can't be seen in the states. It is nice and warm here (when it doesn't rain), but it gets very cold at night. However, I do wish that this thing were all over and that I could go back to the old grind (?) of going back to school again. Please keep in touch with me and let me know all the news. Thanks a million.

[Transcription ends]