Joe E. Rosner


Ben Scuda;Je Burdsell;Al Stanwood

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Ft Jackson, South Carolina
16 September 1943

Hello Gang!!

I can’t stop thanking you the members of the Bryant Service Club for the swell letter I received from you 30 August 1943. It sure was thoughtful of you to make up a list of the boys in the various branches of the service and their addresses.

I know I forgot to acknowledge the swell package you sent, but being that it is a bit too late to offer any excusable excuse please accept my apology and deepest thanks.

Since last hearing from you I’ve had a promotion, as a matter of fact two of them; first to corporal and now to sergeant. My present duties are those of Battalion Clerk at Battalion Headquarters in the good old Field Artillery.

I was certainly glad to read about Ben Scuda – boy—I’ll bet he’ll have plenty to tell his kids some day. And also Joe Burdsell and All [sic] Stanwood; they most certainly have seen action.

Here at Jackson I’ve met quite a few boys who come from Providence. The first thing I ask them is if they have ever been to Bryant. They all know the school but are sorrty [sic] to have never gone there.

When I read of all the happenings going on at Bryant I more than ever miss the old place. Once in awhile I cant’ help but think back of my “school days” at Bryant. Not to forget Scott House and Mrs. Stockbridge, she certainly did have to take alot [sic] from us fellows as you probably know without my telling you.

I noticed in the list of names you sent that several of the boys are at college. I too am waiting form y call to the A.S.T.P. It shouldn’t be too long from now—and the best that could happen is to be sent to Providence. Oh!! Providence River—where for art thou?

By the way gang, what is left in the line of a facualty [sic] at Bryant? Is Mr. Appelby [sic] and Naylor still around?

That Bryant Alumni Re-Union you spoke of sure sounds swell and it can’t happen soon enough for me.

So gang—until I hear from you again—thanks a million for everything.

Best Regards to Everyone ---

As Ever,
Joe E. Rosner

P.S. Has anyone ever turned in the tin beer cans in Scott House for salvage?

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