Joseph T. Ryan


World War II;New Zealand;New Caledonia;Southwest Pacific

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Saturday Feb. 27th

To the members of the Bryant Service Club:-

Just a short note to let you know that I received the package you sent to me as a Xmas remembrance. It arrived on the twenty forth of this month after a long voyage and I expect considerable handling. Part of this delay was due as you will notice to my change of address although incoming mail service has been very poor most of the time.

I am sorry to report however that the package was crushed but not to the extent that the contents could not be enjoyed by myself and a few buddies. Not being able to acquire any candy over here in my present location I can assure you the contents of the package were thoroughly enjoyed and very much appreciated at this time.

My travels have been numerous and very interesting. I have had the pleasure of enjoying a visit to New Zealand and the island of New Caledonia. Due to military restrictions I am unable to discuss these places any further and my whereabouts at the present time. My health has been exceptionally good and I have been able to enjoy and see many interesting sites and events which are common occurrences in this Southwest Pacific area.

In closing may I once again express my thanks for your kind remembrance. I do hope that all the folks back in the states continue to bar with us boys overseas so that in the near future we can return home victoriously with peace and freedom for all.

Very sincerely yours,
Joseph T. Ryan

P.F.C. Jos. T. Ryan 31086325 [Transcription ends]