WWII;Louis M. Schablein, Jr.

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Div. Hq. Co. Finance Det.
43rd Division
A.P.O. # 43
c/o Postmaster
San Francisco Cal.
May 11, 1943

Dear Members Bryant Service Club

I received your very nice V mail letter of March 14th and was very pleased to hear from you. Although it is a long time since I’ve been at Bryant ten years ago this Spring to be exact is the time I left Bryant to venture out into the world of business. I have had many varied experiences since that time but I am always pleased to learn what is currently going on at Bryant. Before I go any further I want to thank you for the cigarettes that you sent to me for Christmas. Unfortunately they did not arrive to [sic] the latter part of February and they must of [sic] been in a sea battle or something of the sort because they were wet when I received them. However, I got as much enjoyment out of them as though they were in a smokeable condition because it showed that the thought was there and that the heart was in the right place. I think that the work that you have so generously undertaken is a wonderful thing and I sincerely hope that you can see your way clear to continue it.

As you say in your letter several changes have taken place and that I would not recognize the old school. I sure would like to meet you all and look the college over but due to circumstances beyond my control I’m afraid that it will be impossible for me to do so for the present. However if I am fortunate enough to get back I will most certainly pay you a visit.

As for my present location there is not much I can tell you except that I am on a palm studded island in the South Pacific. The flare [sic] is definitely tropical and it sure is hot at times. Yesterday is the first day that we have seen the sun in two weeks. It has rained constantly and when I say rain I mean just that. It seems to come down by the bucket full. Everything we own is either wet, damp or moldy. If you will follow the news closely and look at a large scale map you may be able to figure out where I am. I have seen many interesting things but I am looking forward to the day when I will once again be in the U. S.

We have exciting times here once in a while. The most exciting of all is when Charlie (our name for Jap fliers) pays us a visit. We all scurry for our fox holes and pray that he will not drop any of his eggs on us. We have seen several good dog fights between the Japs and our men and I can tell you that our boys are definitely superior.

Since I last wrote to you I have been promoted to Technical Sergeant. May 6th was the lucky day to be exact. That leaves me just one more grade to go to reach the highest rank I can hold as an enlisted man.

Well, fellow students, I will close thanking you all for your kindness in writing and hoping to hear from you real soon.

Very truly yours,
Louis M. Schablein, Jr.
Class of 1933
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