Effects of Mold Exposure on Murine Splenic Leukocytes

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Published by the International Science Congress Association in the International Journal of Biological Sciences, volume 1 issue 5, p.53-56, 2012. Users may access this article here.


Mold, volatile organic compounds, immune cells, cytokines


International Science Congress Association

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International Journal of Biological Sciences


The relationship between exposure to mold spores and human disease is only beginning to be understood. While evidence exists of strong correlations between moldy environments and allergic and infectious diseases, the relationship between exposure to specific species and human immune responses to them is not fully understood. This paper seeks to clarify this relationship by analyzing the effects of exposing murine splenic leukocytes to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced by different toxic mold species. Here we report that the VOC 1-octen-3-ol can have deleterious toxic effects on the splenic leukocytes and can initiate cytokine production by them which ultimately can contribute to illness including the hypersensitivity diseases that have been observed in individuals exposed to indoor mold for long periods of time.