Join our facilitators Ryan L. Brown and Nanci Weinberger as they host Sci-tea. In each episode of Sci-tea, behavioral science researchers, multidisciplinary practitioners, and policymakers engage in conversations regarding common interests and contribute their distinct perspectives.

Sci-tea facilitators are Ryan L. Brown and Nanci Weinberger. Ryan is a Rice University Doctoral student in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine and a 2017 Bryant University Applied Psychology graduate. Nanci Weinberger is a developmental psychologist and Bryant University Psychology Professor and Center for Health and Behavioral Sciences Faculty Fellow.


Submissions from 2021

Sci-Tea Gets Curious: Staying excited about behavioral science through conversation!, Ryan Linn Brown and Nanci Weinberger


Sci-Tea Meets SciGirls: Children's attitudes about careers & getting kids excited about STEM., Nanci Weinberger and Ryan Linn Brown