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April 12, 1943

To My Friends of the Bryant Service Club:

I received your gift of candy while at Spokane, Washington, and was the most surprised and pleased soldier in camp. I am sorry that I did not let you know how much your Xmas gift was appreciated. You may hear this all the time but there are no words that I know of which can express my thanks. I will always be grateful to hear or read the news of the college, as I did in that letter received so very long ago.

I have been traveling at a great rate. Some 7000 miles I guess. Am now in the Signal Corps. Attached to the Air Force at Camp Williams, Wisconsin. Graduated from supply school, but because of my typing speed and the lack of teletype operators I was sent to a teletype school. Result is that I am now am operator of a teletype machine, waiting for my O.C.S. Application to go through the proper channels.

You might be interested to know that I saw Mr. Shors at the railroad station in his shiny, new uniform. He certainly looked in fine shape, and was as much surprised to see me as I was him. AI was also glad to hear that Mr. Lee is getting his commission, too. Congratulations, Mr. Lee; may we meet again.

I have not attempted to make this letter formal but have tried to make it sound as if I knew you. You never know how the fellows crowd around at mail call and their reactions afterwards. If you know of or hear of anyone in doubt about writing a soldier, why please set them on t he right road.

Thanks for being so kind to me, I will try to be deserving of it. Would you remember me to Mr. Gulski and Mr. Appleby and the others please.

A Very Glad Friend

W. Clifford Scott
August, ‘42

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