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Camp Kearns, Utah
April 12, 1944
Wednesday Evening

Dear Bryant Service Club:

Received your wonderful p package yesterday afternoon and want to express my thanks but cannot in words. It is nice to know that you are still thought of. I don’t think Mr. Gulsky would have such a hard time looking into the past at that kid with glasses who made life miserable for him.

Your gift is much the worse for wear this evening for the other boys in the office besides myself have been on raiding parties.

Suppose that you would like to know what a Bryant Alumnus is doing. I am chief of a Signal Section which in turn is servicing for the Western Technical Tng. Command. Formerly serviced for the 2nd Air Force. The W.T.T.C. trains men for combat and ground duty for the Air Forces overseas. I’m in a Signal Co. composed of a supply and communications unit. The communications unit, of which I am a part, receive teletype messages and also operate a booming Western Union business for the convenience of the military personnel on the post. We also have cryptographic security to do, because of the frequent codes that we have coming in over teletype. Being in charge of a comm. section has its various problems, as you can see.

Was home on a furlough but because of it being so very short did not visit as many people and places as I had planned beforehand.

Want to thank you again for the girt you sent me now and the ones in the past for which you received one letter of acknowledgement. My address as you can see has been changed. Thanks for everything. Be seeing you soon,

Yours Sincerely

Sgt. William C. Scott
C/o Signal Office
Camp Kearns, Utah

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