Willard Seaton


World War II

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Tues., May 12, ‘42

Dear Friends,

I was both surprised and pleased today, when I received your package. It certainly is swell of you folks to think of us fellows like that when you don’t even know us.

The College paper arrived here last week and I read about your Service Club but didn’t expect that I’d ever hear from you. You folks are certainly doing your part to help win this war, if you’re doing work like that. It helps a fellow quite a bit when he knows that the people back home are taking an interest in his welfare.

The army isn’t bad at all, once you get used to it. I’ve been in 15 months now and I don’t regret it even a little bit. It does a fellow a lot of good to get out on his own, and we have a lot of fun too. Of course things are much more serious now than they were during my first ten months here, but still we have no complaints.

Maybe you’d be interested in knowing just how and where I’ve spent my time. From Feb. 12 to May 30 of last year, I was stationed in Camp Blanding, Fla. Which is about 40 miles from Jacksonville. Then the army sent me to the Medical Service School at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas, for two months. During August and September we were in Louisiana on maneuvers. In October I was home on furlough for ten days, and November found us in the Carolinas on more maneuvers. December and January we spent at Blanding with time out for another furlough, then in February we were transferred to this present camp. So you see, we do travel quite a bit at the expense of the government. As a whole, we eat pretty fair too, so what have we to complain about? It’s a great life, and although I don’t want to make a career of it, I’ve enjoyed army life.

Once more I wish to extend my thanks for the package. By the way, it certainly came at the right time too, because as you probably know, the 10th of each month is the time when most soldiers start to believe that they must have a hole in their pockets.

Here’s wishing you all the best of luck and hoping you enjoy that nice long (???) vacation this summer.


P.F.C. Willard Seaton
Co. A 118 Med Bn.
APO 43
Camp Shelby, Miss.

P.S. Please don’t let Mr. Naylor get his hooks on this or he’ll get discouraged and stop teaching English. [Transcription ends]