World War II

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March 16, 1943

Dear B. S. C.

I just received your letter and it sure was enjoyable reading the things that are happening at Bryant.

I’m in the hospital recovering from a spinal operation. Though I’ve been here three months now and have about another month to go before I’m released for active duty once more. I’ve been transferred out of my heavy bombardment squadron, because they were going overseas and I’m not up to par as yet for a jaunt like that. After I’m released from this dreary hospital, I hope to be reassigned to a new combat squadron, so that I’ll be able to go across and do my part as an armorer – gunner in putting an end to this war.

Thanks again for writing and please write again, because little things as a letter mean a lot to [a] soldier, who is in a[n] army hospital.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Pvt. Victor Sedgwick
Station Hospital,
Ward #2
Biggs Field, Texas [Transcription ends]