WWII;William Shors

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1901 Richmond Ave.
Portsmouth Va.
April 10 1943

Dear Miss Blaney:

I have finally squared myself away so that I can begin to do a few personal things. I reported to the yard on March 5th and have been assigned to the Supply Office in Bldg 30. Our bureau does about 90% of the buying, paying for, storing and issuing material for the naval activity here. This place is very much like a gigantic factory employing about 45,000 people in the repair and building of ships. Plenty of naval activity, many of the battle marked ships come in here for the necessary operations.

Mrs. Shors and I encountered considerably [sic] difficulty in locating suitable quarters. We are now living in one room but expect to move into the house which we have leased, about May 1. This city has a terrible housing problem due to the expanded Naval Activity. Enough about what I am doing.

I certainly would like to receive the Alumni News and On the Campus, or anything else that would tell me what is happening at Bryant. My heart is still back there, even though I am now working for the Navy and enjoying every minute of it. Let me hear from you. Mail will reach me better at the above address or at the following

Norfolk Navy Yard,
Supply Office Bldg 30
Portsmouth Va

Your friend
Wm F. Shors
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