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Second Lt. Howard D. Spalding

7 Jan, 1944

Dear Bryant Service Club,

The letter I received from you is certainly proof of Uncle Sam’s complete mail coverage. Your letter was sent to my basic school in Greenwood Miss., I left there May 28th since then I’ve been to Columbus Miss for advance, went home from there on Aug 4 for ten days. Then back to Hendricks field Florida where I had B-17 transition or first pilot, then home again, and then to Lincoln Class. + Rank Post for assignment at Lincoln Nebraska, I spent a month there then came here.

Sioux City is a plane and combat crew training school. Here I received my 11 men crew and all our final training. Feb 13th I leave here for Lincoln where we get overseas assignments.

So a lot has happened since Greenwood!!! This is the best field I have ever been on. My crew is perfect and everything is going along fine.

Most of our work here is ground school and flying, formation flying usually. The other day we flew a 10 ship formation at 20,000 to Le Crosse + Des Moine. We had 5 land at Des Moine because our gas was so low. We got back to the field just before it closed. Luck was riding [?].

Well I guess that’s all
Lt. Howard Spalding

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