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c/o Fleet Post Office
New York, N. Y.

6 November 1943

The Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Hope Street
Providence, R.I.


Thank you very much for the kind and generous gift I received from you.

I received a box of candy on November 2. It so happened that I received it in the States. I’ve been overseas and landed in the States several days previous.

While overseas I served in the Mediterranean Sea and was in on the invasion of Sicily. We also visited many foreign ports, including Oran, Algiers, Bizerte, Tunisia and many other places in Africa and the Mediterranean.

We were on our way to Salerno for the invasion of Italy, when we heard, by radio, of the Italian capitulation. It was a grand sight to see the Italian Fleet surrender to the Allies.

Many are the things I’ve seen and done, but time does not permit my writing about them at this time. However, I will probably drop in at the college while on my leave, if I have that much time.

The gift sent to me last Christmas was not received until February, 1943, at which time I arrived in the States from Casablanca. I was in Casablanca from the fall of 1942.

I know it brings a lot of happiness to those of us in the service realizing that we are still remembered by the college through its Service Club.

Again let me express my sincere thanks to all of you in the service Club who are making it possible for us in the services to receive such gifts.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and a continued success in your splendid work in making all Bryant Alumni, in the armed forces, happy they went to Bryant.

An Alumnus
S. Benjamin Spinella
S. Benjamin Spinella, Ylc

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