History Advisor: Judy Barrett Litoff

Conference presentation: National Technology and Social Science Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 5-9, 2009.

Publication: 2009 National Social Science Proceedings, Volume 41, #3, pp. 71-79.

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Among the long list of economic, social, and political changes that American society experienced during the World War II era was a trend toward whirlwind romances, courtships, and marriages. The pressures of war, namely the conscription of most able-bodied American men, placed many young couples in precarious positions as they faced a long-term separation, names a “courtship by mail,” or a hasty marriage. Marie Teigue and John Renza, both wartime graduates of Bryant College, bucked the trends of their age. The Renzas were a couple that fell in love, grew apart, grew up, and found each other again on their own terms, against the backdrop of World War II, and not because of it.